Vybz Kartel Juror Revelation Raises Controversy Over Lizard Whereabouts


Is Vybz Kartel’s murder victim actually dead or is he living overseas under a new identity much like the prosecution’s star witness and jurors?

Conspiracy theories are now being posited by fans who believe that Clive “Lizard” Williams could actually be alive and well, assuming a new identity in a foreign country.

The basis of the argument was recently highlighted recently following the revelations made by at least one of the jurors who have relocated overseas under the witness protection program.

The Juror gave testament to the hardships they have faced since being relocated to a foreign country with a new identity, an eye-opening revelation which leads some fans to theorize that Williams could also have been relocated in a similar fashion.

Some fans have theorized that Lizard was actually sent away as part of a conspiracy by authorities to bring down the Dancehall superstar, who was at the time viewed as a negative influence by persons in positions of power.

Vybz Kartel was once labeled as one of the four biggest problems in Jamaica by then National Security Minister Dr. Peter Bunting who claiming that the deejay’s music glorified lottery scamming.

Investigators say Clive “Lizard” William was beaten to death by the entertainer and his three co-accused at a residence in Havendale St Andrew, over the disappearance of two guns. The victim’s body was however never found.

Sources inside the Gaza camp have long theorized that Lizard is, in fact, alive and well, and his disappearance was all a plot to “sink the deejay.”

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