Mr Vegas Defends Pastor In Ariana Grande Incident At Aretha Franklin’s Funeral


Mr. Vegas is now defending Bishop Charles H. Ellis III following claims that the religious leader touched Pop singer Ariana Grande in an improper manner during Aretha Franklin’s funeral recently.

The controversial entertainer took Instagram earlier this week posting a since-deleted post offering support to the under-fire pastor.

“I honestly think people are reaching here. Give the man a break! People touch people all the times, in certain area, by accident. What is wrong with you people? These are the types of story u enjoy sharing! Where is the stories about the work that @kingjames and @akon are doing???? Smfh!!!,” the deejay posted.

Bishop Charles H. Ellis III recently apologized to the Popstar after he was heavily criticized in the media this week for the way he awkwardly greeted her on stage following her “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” performance.

According to Ellis, “it would never be my intention to touch anyone’s breast,” perhaps he “crossed a border.”

Ellis also apologized to Grande, her fans and Hispanic community for making a joke about seeing her name on the program and thinking it was a new item on the Taco Bell menu.

Mr. Vegas has been in the headlines in recent months for entangling himself in several controversial incidents including a shooting incent involving a security guard and a licensed firearm holder at an apartment complex in Kingston.

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